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How do I clean my piano?  Never use furniture waxes or polishes.  A microfibre cloth with plain water or a mild cleaner is all that is needed.  Same for the piano keys.  Don't try cleaning the inside and never put plants or drinks on the piano.

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Can the piano go on an outside wall?  Yes.  This used to be a no-no when houses were insulated poorly.  It is no longer an issue.

Should I put a container of water inside the piano?  No.  This practise was used to try to provide humidity.  If low humidity is an issue in your home, there are far better ways to rectify it now.  You can add a humidifier to your furnace or place a stand alone humidifier near the piano.  You can also add a humidity system to the piano.  A Dampp Chaser system will provide optimal humidity for your instrument.  They cost about $600 installed.

Do your techs tune by ear or by machine?  Both.  All of our technicians learn the art of piano tuning by ear (aurally).  After five or more years of study, a tuning machine is introduced.  You can request your piano be tuned however you like.

What causes a piano to go out of tune?  The simple answer is: changes in humidity.  As humidity increases in summer months, and falls in winter months, the wooden aspects of the piano swell and shrink as they absorb and lose moisture.  This causes the tension on the strings to change slightly, changing their pitch or "tune".

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