Changes in humidity cause felt and wood to swell.  Here in Ottawa / Gatineau, we are subject to severe swings in humidity throughout the year.  Regulation is a term that describes the re-aligning and adjusting of the mechanical parts back to factory specification.  It compensates for the loosening of parts due to use, the compaction of softer materials and makes each key operate like it’s neighbour.  It makes the piano “regular”.

Piano bridge notching with chisel

The brightness or mellowness of the piano’s sound can be changed by manipulating the felt hammers of the piano and adjusting how they interact with the piano strings.  This process is called “Voicing

Repairs and restoration of pianos can be performed when more major surgeries are required.  Estimates for repairs are billed at Service Call rates.

Another service we offer is to appraise the value of a piano, usually for insurance purposes.  As each piano is unique, a range will be given as to what the piano may be worth as a used instrument in today’s market.

Before buying (or selling) a used piano, consider having it evaluated.  This low cost service can prevent many unwise buying or selling decisions.  The condition of the piano as well as its quality of manufacture can greatly affect what it is worth.

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